Crypto currency glossary

crypto currency glossary

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The goal of these wallets create digital currencies, which are immediately compatible with existing infrastructure.

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Key terms to understand in crypto � Altcoins � All-time high / all-time low � Bull market � Bear market � Blockchain � Block � Block reward � Consensus. Blockchain is a decentralised and immutable digital ledger that is distributed across an entire peer-to-peer (P2P) network using cryptography. Full definition. A monetary system utilising a novel technology called blockchain. Bitcoin also refers to the cryptocurrency unit (small 'b') supported by the Bitcoin blockchain.
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The Binance Decentralized Exchange DEX is a DEX built by Binance and designed to give traders and investors control of their private keys and investments without the need for a centralized intermediary. The Intercontinental Exchange ICE is an American company founded in to purchase and operate global exchanges and clearing houses. Leased Proof of Stake LPoS is a consensus mechanism that allows cryptocurrency holders to lease their coins to nodes on a network. An integral component of blockchain, a mining algorithm is the set of rules or instructions that a computer follows to generate a valid block.