Bitcoin infinity day

bitcoin infinity day

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A reminder of the need of technology and the growth the technology to make it enthusiasts around the world. On this day, the Bitcoiner have a high risk of. You can also share bitoin our newsletter to get the latest crypto news, new casinos, more adopted, and accessible.

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Why August 21? August can be represented by the number 8, since it is the eighth month in the year. If you turn an 8 sideways, you get the infinity symbol (?). According to Knut, the date August 21 can be written as 8\ In which the number �8� stands for the infinity symbol �?� and 21 refers to the. The number 8, when tilted, represents infinity, and 21 signifies the maximum number of Bitcoins (21 million). Thus, August 21st is often.
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CIX Card. Rating: 9. Alex James. Get to Know Crypto. On every August 21, enthusiasts and supporters of crypto Bitcoin take a moment to appreciate the fusion of finance, mathematics, and philosophy that this groundbreaking crypto represents.